What is Thai Yoga massage?

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What is Thai Yoga massage?

Thai Yoga Massage, also known as "lazy man's yoga", is a traditional Thai massage style from the northern region with roots in Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and Buddhist practice. It is a unique and powerful form of massage that stimulates, balances, heals, and relaxes the body. This technique combines yoga-style stretches to lengthen and relax the limbs, spine, and neck, improving joint mobility. Pressure is applied with thumbs, palms, knee and feet along specific energy channels called 'sip sen' to release tensions and remove blockages. This promotes the free flow of energy, nourishing the body and can help with a variety of symptoms such as: Headaches, knee pain, back pain, PMS, digestive disorders, shoulder and neck tension, joint and muscle pain, insomnia, other stress or trauma related conditions. However, it's essential to note that this practice does not replace seeking medical help for serious conditions. Traditionally, one treatment lasts 2 hours and even longer, which is the right amount of time to cover the whole body, work on all the energy lines and blockages and leave the recipient balanced, stretched and relaxed. I also offer 90min and 60min sessions, for those with limited availability. Thai massage is performed with the recipient fully clothed. Any clothing that allows for free movement will suffice. The practice is done on a futon on the ground and no oil is used.